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Trigger point massager

Trigger point massager

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About this item:
Release trigger points in upper back, neck, and shoulders. Target GB20 acupuncture points for stress relief and associated issues. Correct forward head posture, easing neck and TMJ pain. Made with high-quality, resilient materials for optimal support. Convenient therapy for chronic neck pain and tension headaches.

How to use:
Find a quiet spot to relax for 10 minutes. Position the device's neck support in the middle of your neck. Adjust the device along your spine for comfort. Relax your neck and shoulders, breathe deeply. Notice improved posture and tension release. Relax further as muscles loosen. Reposition periodically to prevent fatigue. Start with 5 minutes, gradually increase. Discontinue if pain occurs, consult a professional. Clean with warm water and soap if needed, let dry for 24-48 hours.

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