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Mini Jet Blower

Mini Jet Blower

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🛒Whats in the box? 

- In the box, you will receive
- 1 x Mini Turbo Jet Fan
- 1 x Magnetic air-flow nozzle attachment
- 1 x Type C Charging Cable
- 1 X Carrying Case

⚙ How long does the battery last?

6-10 minutes of full use. It is important to note that the power needs to be turned off when not in use or the battery will be drained.)

🛠 What's it made of?

The entire casing is crafted through 3D printing using an exceptionally robust PETG & carbon fiber blend, featuring meticulously laser-sealed stitching for enhanced durability.

📈Why does it get warm when using it? 

The Mini Turbo Jet Fan features a high-energy, high-RPM motor, which means that prolonged and continuous usage of the product can lead to the generation of excessive heat. We highly recommend using it for shorter periods and avoiding overheating.

🔋How to charge the Mini Turbo Jet Fan?  

-The Mini Turbo Jet Fan uses a standard USB-C charging port at the bottom of the device.

 -When charging, the LED indicates its charging status. The red color indicates that it is fully charged.

🚚 How long are shipping times ?

- Since this is a custom built product, the process takes a few days to build, test and dispatch.
- After an order is made, processing takes around 3-7 business days. We then ship it to you which should take between 1-2 weeks to arrive.
- Once a tracking number has been provided, please wait for a few days for the information to update.
- Tracking numbers will be provided once the product is shipped.

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